Obsługa instalacji przemysłowych w energetyce
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We specialize in the renovation of industrial installations in the energy sector. We perform our work both in waste-to-energy plants and thermal power plants using other types of fuels.

We carry out our work both in Poland and abroad.

We specialize in inspections of: boiler installations (including the grate), desulfurization installations, water preparation and purification stations, as well as inspections of electrical and automatic devices. We offer assembly work, delivery of parts, renovation of existing installations, supervision of ongoing works and coordination of works commissioned by the end customer.

Our team consists of a group of experienced engineers supported by about 30 fitters: welders, locksmiths, mechanics, bricklayers and electricians-automation specialists. Our employees have all the necessary authorizations, including SEP group I and II books (operational and supervisory authorizations), as well as authorizations to drive forklifts, operate overhead cranes, etc. All our employees have the necessary qualifications and experience to carry out work outside Poland.

As part of our work, we cooperate with reputable companies that support us in performing our tasks, including authorized services from Poland and other European Union countries. 


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